EWC004 - Cutie-Pie Towel Topper 1

Cutie-Pie Towel Topper 1

A charming towel topper that would look cute in a children’s bathroom for little hands as well as in a kitchen! I used Poly-cotton for the towel topper and to complete the project, a lightweight honeycomb weave dish-cloth.

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BESV673 - ITH Oven Mitts

ITH Oven Mitts

A great addition for your kitchen, Dad's BBQ or for personalized gifts. These template designs come in 3 sizes for different hand sizes and being template designs you can personalize them to be as fun as you.

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CE796 - Bauernmalerei Placemats

Bauernmalerei Placemats

Bauernmalerei or more traditionally known as Folk Art, are perfect designs for projects such as placemats, table cloths, cushion covers and also clothing such as jeans. These designs are done with a textured long and short stitch giving them an authentic hand embroidered look.

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CE768 main1

There are 6 Christmas Designs + Quotes for our Christmas Mug-Rugs. They're stitched on imitation suede, lined and done completely In-The-Hoop except for the very last step of turning them right side out and oversewing the little opening. When done they're ready for gifting, selling or using!

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CE765 main1

A useful item or gift to add to your kitchen! Make them in a jiffy! No cumbersome cloths for little handles! Simply slide them on to pot handles and lid knobs. These are not overly thick and fold easily in the palm of your hand. Quick and easy to make for Craft Stalls.

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CE756 - Fall Oven Mitts

CE756 main1

Summer will soon be over and lovely Fall colours in all its vivid glorious colours will be evident. Time to start thinking about heart-warming yummy meals! Run up a pair of Oven Mitts to suit the season.

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