BESV677 - Swirly Floral Elements

Swirly Floral Elements

This is a timless classic set of floral designs that will that finihing touch to any sewing, upcycle and refashioning projects. The designs come in three sizes so they can be used on all sorts of size projects.

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BESV660 - Doggy Labels

Doggy Labels

Personalize your furbabies coat with a fun design. These reverse applique designs are easy to use, lower stitch counts than regular applique and are just trendy.

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BESV658 - Floral Corners

Floral Corners

Adding onto the Floral Ribbon Design Set we have the complementing Floral Corners that will make edgings just so much more fun and easier.

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BESV657 - Floral Ribbon Designs

Floral Ribbon Designs

A sunny collection of 10 Floral designs in 7 sizes to decorate ribbons and edges with. These beautiful designs on ribbon will accentuate kiddes dresses, pillows, towels, tea towels and make gorgeous decorative effects.

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Sunflower Ornaments

Spring is in the air and the thought of sunflowers just makes one just drift away to feilds of sunflowers.This sunny set comes in three sizes that are perfect for decorating tableclothes, napkins, dishtowels, pillows and various other home decor items

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CE771 main1

Summer, Sunshine and Smoothies! Stitch these Juicy Fruits onto Placemats, Pot-holders, Apron pockets or make fabric edgings with a variety of colourful fruit.

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