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Create your own lacy Wingneedle quiltblocks using our easy Wingneedle Tutorial which is included in the download files.  Vintage Broderie Anglaise Wingneedle has never been easier!, no cutting out of small pieces, the needle does all the work.  

 These quiltblock designs are our favourites and can be used to create heirloom quilts.  Delicate and beautiful, a true heirloom to be passed on from one generation to the next.

There are 10 Beautiful Quiltblock design sets included in this Mega Combo.


 CE433_Wingneedle Quilblocks1

CE433 main

For the 5x7 Hoop

CE434_Wingneedle Quiltblocks2

CE434 main

For the 5x7 Hoop

CE437_Wingneedle Quiltblocks5

CE437 main

For the 5x7 Hoop

CE438_Wingneedle Quiltblocks6

CE438 main

For the 5x7 Hoop

CE445_Vintage Broderie Anglaise Wingneedle Quiltblocks7

CE445 main

For the 5x7 Hoop

CE446_Vintage Broderie Anglaise Wingneedle Quiltblocks8

CE446 main

For the 5x7 Hoop

CE447_Vintage Broderie Anglaise Wingneedle Quiltblocks9

CE447 main

For the 5x7 Hoop

CE448_Vintage Broderie Anglaise Wingneedle Quiltblocks10

CE448 main

 For the 5x7 Hoop

CE449_Vintage Broderie Anglaise Wingneedle Quiltblocks11

CE449 main

 For the 5x7 Hoop

CE450_Vintage Broderie Anglaise Wingneedle Quiltblocks12


 CE450 main

For the 5x7 Hoop


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