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Rhinestone Animals Triple Set

Rhinestone OwlButterfly Rhinestone NecklineBESV668

Bling out in this triple set of rhinestone embroidery designs. This set consists of a butterfly rhinestone neckline, an owl design embellished with rhinestone swirls and an embroidered horse head in three sizes embellished with rhinestones too.

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ITH Furbaby Combo 2

Another supper set of four projects that are made entirely in a single hooping.   These projects are great for beginners to learn on or for craft markets and fairs. They will use up all those little odds and ends in stash and are easy to whip up

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FurbabyCombo MAIN

This is a fantastic In The Hoop Combo celebrating our four legged friends and furbabies. This collection of four sets covers some of the most popular projects for gifts, craft fairs and fund raisers for animal welfare.

The projects are easy to make and scrap fabric busters. Have fun churning these little guys out.

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Stitched sample 

Fagoting is a favourite vintage decorative technique used for joining Fabric, Lace and Ribbon. Using a 5x7inch/130x180mm Hoop you will be able to create any length of Fagoting you need for a Project!

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