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Lace Earings. The World’s Easiest!

Lace Earings. The World’s Easiest!

Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Today we are going to make the “world’s easiest Lace Earings!” Each design is small and measures approx. from just over an inch to 1.75 inch/3cm to 4.5cm. I have included colour stops for trimming any little “jump stitches” where necessary. However, only 1 colour is used throughout. Your bobbin thread matches the top thread. I used machine embroidery thread – Marathon – and it works very well. From your local craft shop you will need to get jump rings to make drop earrings (optional) and earring hooks. You will also need some small imitation pearls and a glue gun for gluing on the pearls.
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