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Lace Earings. The World’s Easiest!

Lace Earings. The World’s Easiest!

Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Today we are going to make the “world’s easiest Lace Earings!” Each design is small and measures approx. from just over an inch to 1.75 inch/3cm to 4.5cm. I have included colour stops for trimming any little “jump stitches” where necessary. However, only 1 colour is used throughout. Your bobbin thread matches the top thread. I used machine embroidery thread – Marathon – and it works very well. From your local craft shop you will need to get jump rings to make drop earrings (optional) and earring hooks. You will also need some small imitation pearls and a glue gun for gluing on the pearls.

What You Will Need To Make Your ITH Key Fobs.


Water Soluble Stabilizer

Earring Hooks

Jump Rings

5mm imitation pearls for designs 001, 002 and 005

4mm imitation pearls for designs 003, 004, 006 and 007

Glue Gun for gluing on pearls

Let’s Get Started

Hoop up using Water Soluble Stabilizer.

Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Using 1 colour through out and matching bobbin, stitch out each earring. I have included colour changes so that you can trim away any little jump stitches. When the earring is stitched out, carefully cut away from the stabilizer. Rinse away the stabilizer in warm water and dry flat on a towel.

Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Here are all my earrings ready for assembling

Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Design Ce770_001 can be used together with all the other earrings to create “drop earrings”. You will notice that there is a tiny little loop on 2 petals. The top loop will get the earring hook and the bottom loop can join to any of the other earrings with a jump ring. This is optional.

Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

My husband very kindly did the gluing and completed the earrings for me. Here he is using the glue gun to attach the pearls. He found its best to work on a piece of plastic not paper as the paper tends to stick. He worked on a plastic envelope – great!

Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Lace Earings. The World's Easiest! All the earrings have their little pearls and now to attach the jump rings and earring hooks.Lace Earings. The World's Easiest! Take a needle or pin and push it through the little loop at the top of the earring to make sure its open. This makes it easier to push a jump ring through.Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Now put in th jump ring and while it’s open add the ear hook. Close the jump ring with a little pair of pliers.

All done.Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Would you like to give this lesson a try?
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Lace Earings. The World's Easiest!

Click Here to download your own copy of this lesson in pdf format.

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