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Key Fobs In The Hoop

ITH Key Fobs

ITH Key Fobs

Today we are going to make some ITH Key Fobs. These nifty little guys are easy to make and will use up scraps of fabrics. Besides the cute design on the front there is a nifty little pocket on the back. These little fobs are great for gifts, craft fairs and fund raisers for animal welfare.

What You Will Need To Make Your ITH Key Fobs.

Soft cut away stabilizer.

Embroidery threads of choice.

Poly Cotton Fabric. I have used one with a pattern and one plain.

Compressed batting.

Soft webbing. 4″ long by 1/2″ wide.

Temporary spray adhesive.

Let’s Get Started

Lets start by hooping up the stabilizer.

Embroidery Step 1

Stitch out the die line. Fold the soft webbing in half and stick down the two open ends into the die line area.

ITH Key Fobs

Stick down a piece of compressed batting over the die line area. Stick down a piece of fabric over the die line.

Embroidery Step 2

Stitch out the tack down stitch.

ITH Key Fobs

Embroidery Step 3

Stitch out the design

ITH Key Fobs

Turn the hoop over. Stick down a piece of fabric.

ITH Key Fobs

To make a pocket, fold a piece of fabric in half and stick the two halves together and stick this down to the over the first piece of fabric. The pocket should be about two thirds of the way up the die lines.

ITH Key Fobs

Embroidery Step 4

Stitch out the tack down stitch. Trim away all excess fabric and batting.

Embroidery Step 5

Stitch out the satin stitch edging.

ITH Key Fobs

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ITH Key Fobs

Click Here to download your own copy of this lesson in pdf format.

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