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Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

Today we are going to make Magic Floral Quilt Blocks using the Magic Technique.

Each quilt block is embroidered and lined In Hoop! Fabulous! You can then stitch them

together using sashing or insertion lace (or without) it’s up to you. The end result is beautiful.

Make lovely wall-hangings, cushion covers, table-runners and cloths.

All done very quickly as you will see in this tutorial.


Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

What You Will Need To Make Your Magic Floral Quilt Blocks


Cut-Away Stabilizer

Poly-Cotton for the upper-side and for the lining.

Marathon Threads as per colour Chart

Fabric Temporary Spray Adhesive and a few pins



Let’s get Started

1.Hoop your stabilizer and fabric together.

Stitch out the die-line.

Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

2. Use your Colour Chart and stitch out the embroidery. Stop before the last Color.

Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

3. Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the design. Lightly spray the embroidery on the

upper-side with the Temporary Spray and press the lining fabric on top of the

embroidery. Pin the lining in place right round.

Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

4. Stitch in place.

Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

5. Remove tne embroidery from the hoop. Trim right round except in front of the opening. See picture.

Now turn right side out. Gently pull out the corners and press lightly.

Fold in the excess fabric by the opening and stitch closed.

Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

And Then You Are Done!

Make all the blocks the same way and use for your project!

Magic Floral Quilt Blocks

Click Here to download your own copy of this lesson in pdf format.
Would you like to give this lesson a try?
Click Here to see our Floral Magic Quilt Blocks designs.

Thank you for joining me!

Have a happy day!

God Bless!


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