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College FSL Alpha

College FSL Alpha
College FSL Alpha

Today we are going to make a College FSL Alpha. These letters are super easy and quick to make with many fun ideas to use them.

What You Will Need To Make Your College FSL Alpha.

Hoop Size: 4″x4″/100mmx100

Water Soluble Stabilizer

Marathon Threads of your choice

Let’s Get Started

1.Hoop up.


2.Stitch out all the letters you need. You will first stitch the fill stitch (pink) and then the edging (blue).


When done cut out the letters from the stabilizer and soak in cold water until most of the stabilizer is removed. Lay flat on a towel to dry. When dry, press flat with a damp cloth. To attach to clothing, either stitch by hand or use Badgemaster and iron in place.


Would you like to give this lesson a try?

Purchase CE775 – Fun College Alpha Here


Click Here to download your own copy of this lesson in pdf format.

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