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Onsie Waist-coat Lesson

Onsie Waist-coat Lesson

Onsie Waist-coat

Today we are going to make the Onsie Waist-coat. Really very easy to make and oh so suave for baby. This little waist coat also has two loops to attach a pacifier instead of a pocket watch.

What You Will Need:

Tear away stabilizer, Fabric for the waist coat, Embroidery thread, Ribbon, Temporary spray adhesive, Needle and thread for hand stitching.


Let’s Get Started


Embroidery Step 1

Hoop up two layers of tear away stabilizer.

Stitch out the running stitch die lines onto the stabilizer.

Onsie Waist-coat

Cut and stick down a piece of fabric.

Onsie Waist-coat

Embroidery Step 2

Stitch out the tack down stitch.

Trim away all excess fabric.

Onsie Waist-coat

Embroidery Step 3

Stitch out the satin stitch edging.

Onsie Waist-coat

Embroidery Step 4

Stitch out the die line marker.
Cut a 3″ length of ribbon.
Fold the ribbon in half.
Stick the ribbon down so that the two open ends cross over the die line.

Embroidery Step 5

Stitch out the tack down stitch for the ribbon.
Trim away any excess ribbon.

Onsie Waist-coat

Embroidery Step 6

Stitch out the satin stitch to finish off with.
Remove the stitch outs from the hoop and remove all stabilizer.

Onsie Waist-coat

Place the two waist coat pieces on the onsie.

Using some matching thread hand stitch the waist coat pieces onto the onsie.

Onsie Waist-coat

And Then You Are Done!

Click Here to download your own copy of this lesson in pdf format.
Would you like to give this lesson a try?
Click Here to see our Onsie waist-coat design.

2 Responses to Onsie Waist-coat Lesson

  • sorry for the caps, my computer won’t type in small letters for some reason, even with the cap lock off. Just wanted to say this is a really clever design. Any plans in the future for a girly version?

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